About Us

Bxtreme Cycles started out as a side hobby in 2012, Craig had worked a full-time job, while as a hobby he worked on bicycles out of his garage due to the passion for the sport.

Craig has been riding bicycles at a high level for over 10 years, along with his expertise in business prowess and passion for the sport, Bxtreme began.

Founded officially in 2019 due to seeing a gap in the market, and wanting to pursue his passion for Bicycles. Craig set out on an adventure to do multiple bicycle-related services, such as servicing bikes, this would include all components such as shock servicing, brakes, basic service, fork servicing, etc... It then broke out as well that there was a need for Bicycle transportation all over South Africa - many cyclists complained about the hassle of transporting bikes around the country due to costs, time and effort needed for this task, therefore Craig started doing Bike transportation as well, with a kitted out van and trailer designed from the ground up specifically for transporting bikes over distances he added that onto the many talents in the Bicycle field.

Craig now has a physical presence with his store/workshop, as well as a major online presence, and the many partnerships forged along the journey with OEMs, friends, bicycle businesses/brands and as well as the general neighborhood of the biking sector.

Craig's 10 year+ biking experience makes him an invaluable asset when it comes to biking due to his knowledge in lesser-known areas. He not only takes care of your bike as it was his own, from service, to transport to even the ride itself, Craig's knowledge on technical skills and 'lesser-known' hidden gems of courses also exceeds many.

What sets Bxtreme apart from the rest is simple, we care for yours as if it were our own, every customer is not actually a customer but family for the love we have of cycling.

We only hope we can build a long-lasting formidable relationship with you and foster it for greater things in the future.

- Craig & the Bxtreme team

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