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General Bicycle Service

As with all mechanical moving parts, it needs to be maintained and serviced on a regular basis. This is where our skilled team will service your bicycle and make sure it runs smoothly all the time.

Shock servicing

Servicing your Bicycle Shox is a crucial item that needs to be ticked off of your 'Bicycle ownership'. Shocks, as with cars need to be maintained due to the road condition and the need for a smooth ride - This is especially important for mountain biking as the courses and routes you do are rigorous to the core.

Brake service

Having brakes that are in good condition is a very critical part of your Bicycle. How else will you slow down? Therefore making sure your brakes can stop you when the need arises is a critical component of safe and enjoyable cycling.

Tyre Alignment/Lube refill

Over time your tyres need to be refilled to allow for a smoother tyre-rim contact point and allow also for a more durable tyre by allowing some more 'cushion' within your tyre to floor contact.

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